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Born in raised in South Bend, Indiana and currently living in Chicago, Illinois.

a few of my personal favs... donuts, chai tea, old bookstores, sushi, floral perfume, blueberry candles, and...

Film. Possibly one of my favorite media formats... video can be so many things.

a memory.

a love letter.

a story.

When I created my first wedding film, I knew I had found my calling. Capturing true love, to be forever replayed on video gives me a joy I still can't describe.

I want to tell your story, your love letter, your memory. I want to provide you with a cinematic experience of one of the most important days of your life to look back on with a smile, a warm heart, and maybe even butterflies.

I am constantly inspired by everything around me: my environment, the people, the places, the feelings, the sounds - I can't wait to be inspired by your story and your event - and create a film that is unique to you. 

about alyssa.

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